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Statement of Doctrine

• The Divine Inspiration, Authority and Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures.

• The Unity of the Godhead with the distinction of Persons in that Unity namely the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit to Whom equal honour is due.

• That the Son of God truly became man being begotten of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.
- That His death was a sacrifice to God and a propitiation for the remission of sins.
- That He was raised from the dead.
- That He ascended to the right hand of God and is now the all-sufficient High Priest of His people.
- That He will come again to receive His people unto Himself and to set up His Kingdom.

• That in consequence of the fall of Adam and Eve man became “lost” and at “enmity” against God; that he is also “without strength” to do the will of God.

• The need of the Holy Spirit’s work in regeneration and sanctification.

• That the justification of the sinner before God is by faith alone.
- That every justified one is also born of God.
- That such new birth results in and is made evident by holiness of life and good works.

• That at death the spirit of man does not cease to exist or become unconscious.
- That the dead will be raised either to life or to condemnation and that the blessedness of the righteous and the punishment of the unrighteous will be alike eternal.

Lahore Street Gospel Hall, Wairoa, New Zealand.